Why handmade is truly special in today's world


It can be easy to forget the beauty in the handmade, when we are in a world where we are surrounded by the mass produced. Unfortunately, we can now walk into a party and easily spot someone wearing the exact same dress we have on. Mass production is killing the joy of ownership and the magic of discovering something special, solely owned by you.

Growing up in Venezuela we had little access to big chain stores, and I remember having my “special” evening dresses made by a seamstress, where I could have an input to the colour and design. These ladies were incredibly talented. Like me they worked from home and took great pride in their work. Today, crafts like these are dying trades.

So let’s celebrate all things handmade as a rebellion against today’s throwaway society. Let’s keep traditional craftsmanship alive, let’s make sure it flourishes for future generations, as it is part of our heritage.
Hand engraved diamond ring in gold by Militza Ortiz

To me reproducing that same feeling I had when I wore my “special” dresses is what I live for. Jewellery is meant to have meaning, it is meant to be special and handed down to future generations with a story behind it, so why would you buy something mass produced ? Let’s keep our dying crafts alive and celebrate the beauty in the handmade.