The true meaning of the word "Bespoke"


For much of the last century, the term 'bespoke' referred almost exclusively to men’s tailored suits, a practice idealised by the great craftsmen and women of Savile Row in London. In today’s world, I believe the word bespoke is being misused. You only have to walk into a bar and see ‘bespoke cocktails’ to see how the hipster marketing world has taken it too far.

Alternative engagement ring with drawing made by Wimbledon based jewellery designer Militza Ortiz

According to the Cambridge dictionary. the term bespoke is defined as: “Made for a particular customer or user”. It means it is designed and made for you and to your taste. When you go to a conventional jeweller you are presented with a series of pre made rings and you can change the size of the stone, ring size and metal, but they are limited in what they can achieve in terms of creativity. This ring is not bespoke, this ring would be “customised”.  This is simply adding a personal touch to something pre made and most likely from a mould.  To start from scratch with your ideas taken into account is what I believe to be truly bespoke.

Re-design your jewellery with jewellery designer goldsmith Militza Ortiz in South West London

Your ideas may be something completely fresh and new or come from your grandmother’s old brooch, using her stones and taking inspiration from that brooch to transform it into a modern ring.  You get to keep the sentimentality of her brooch and I assure you that each time you look at your hand your dear nan will come to mind.

Bespoke allows you to create a piece of jewellery that is inspired by your particular taste, adapted to your lifestyle and even to your budget. That is what I believe bespoke to be. For me, that means sitting down, listening to your ideas, reviewing images with you, talking about your lifestyle, how and when you would wear it and then creating something truly original for you.